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World Map of Travel Warnings

Recently, world travellers have been able to inform themselves of the current travel security status throughout the world with a glance at

Countries that are safe for travel are colored green on a map of the world; countries containing regions that are problematic for travel, on the other hand, are red.

Especially these days, when on the one hand, the entire world is opened up for travel, but where on the other hand, security conditions are constantly changing, it has become difficult to select safe travel destinations. Daily news of war, the dangers of terrorism and kidnapping, political unrest, and epidemics, cause uncertainty and make it almost impossible to get an overview.

According to the developer of the map, Matthias Jaekle, "Even western embassies judge the security level for tourists in many other countries differently."

Therefore, he calculates a picture that averages the opinions of western governments and by so doing, he is able to provide a nuanced World Map of Travel Warnings, with colors ranging from green through yellow and up to red.

With, you now have the ability to recognize the safest travel destinations on every continent and make that part of your travel planning.


Printable World Map of Travel Warnings


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Please inform yourself carefully of regional security levels before travelling in the red or orange colored countries. (Source:


You are welcome to print the map free of charge so long as you indicate its source.

We would be very happy to receive examples of how you have used our map.

You may also embed the most recent current version of the map in your website. You can find the necessary html code here.

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