World Map of Travel Warnings

Questions and Answers

Where does this information come from?

We pull travel warnings from various western foreign offices and quantify them using an algorithm that we have developed to present the World Map of Travel Warnings.
Finally, we calculate a picture of the average opinion of these foreign offices.
We then incorporate the resulting average opinion of these foreign offices into the map.

What do the colors mean?

Countries are colored using the metaphor of a traffic light.

Green indicates a safe country, where you can travel relatively worry free.

In yellow countries, you should be very cautious and alert.

If you are going to travel in orange or red countries, you should carefully consider ahead of time the regions where you will be able to travel, and how, in this case, you will minimize the risk to life and limb.

Why is there such a negative opinion for some countries?

Since every country in the map can only have one color, the World Map of Travel Warnings draws specifically on the most unfavorable regions of a country in determining its security level.

For example:

There are travel warning from numerous foreign offices for the war zone in the south of Russia. Therefore, the safety level is not high enough to warrant free and secure movement in the entire country.

A similar situation holds for Turkey. It may be perfectly safe to travel in tourist areas. However, whether or not you will be able to move freely in East Anatolia is a relevant question, which you should seriously consider before travelling there.